Using laser cutting in the art world

Are you an artist looking for a way to turn your complex designs into reality? Have you considered using laser cutting? The most common application of laser cutting is to cut metals for the metal products that we all enjoy every day. CNC laser cutting has created the possibility of precision cutting with superb repetition. Instead of relying on the skill of the craftsman to produce the required shape it is now possible to achieve the perfect result every time no matter how intricate the design. Read More 

Choosing the right concrete saw

If you are cutting concrete or control joints for either patching, replacing or installing something, you will definitely need concrete saws that will get the job done effectively and efficiently. Using one type of saw to do all cutting jobs well is a stretch as cutting requirements differ from the type of cut being made and the type of concrete being cut. Diamond saw blades are the most popular choice due to their ability to excellent cuts. Read More 

5 Questions to Ask When Hiring an Induction Bender for the First Time

If you need pipes bent, you need to hire an induction bender. If you're not familiar with their services, you may want to ask the following questions. The answers to these questions can help you determine if a certain induction bender is right for your needs: 1. What Metals Can You Accommodate? Metals all have different melting points and temperatures at which they are malleable. As a result, a company may need special equipment to work with each type of metal. Read More 

Welding Sheet Metal: Things to Keep in Mind

Sheet metal is a versatile material which is used in the manufacturing industry to construct roofing, car body parts and building fabrications, among other things. The most common way of joining pieces together is to weld them. The intense heat generated by the welding equipment melts a filler material, which then cools and joins and fuses the two pieces of sheet metal together. However, if you are planning to weld two pieces of sheet metal together, it is important that you take adequate protection. Read More 

How Marks Are Made On Plastics In Professional Laser Cutting

A professional laser cutting machine is one which employs the use of 2D software commands to either cut or engrave materials. Such machines are well known for flawless works that bear detailed designs which are beautiful to the eye. The devices use a powerful laser which is aimed at the material area resulting in either cuts or engravings. The most commonly used laser is the CO2 sourced laser as it employs more speed in cutting materials. Read More