How to choose the right water pump for your bore hole

Buying new bore pump can be a daunting process. It can be tempting to simply choose the most well known brand or whatever happens to be on special offer at the time and hope for the best. Choosing a pump in this way will lead you to purchase an item which soon proves to be entirely unsuitable for your purposes, and will need to be replaced, leading to a lot of extra expense. Choosing the right pump the first time doesn't have to be difficult if you carefully evaluate what you actually need.

It's about more than just the price

If you make your purchase decision based purely on price or on the brand of the pump then you will not get the pump you actually need. When buying water pumps, there are several technical specifications that you must take into account when planning your purchase so that your pump will match your desired application and work properly.

Whether you choose a pump from Lorentz, Grundfos, or Franklin Electric, a large part of the final cost of your pump will be expended on installing the pump so you don't want to be pulling up the pump to replace it within a few months. Properly chosen bore pumps should provide many years of service before they need to be replaced.

How to choose your perfect pump

Choosing the right bore pump is a process that actually starts right at the beginning of your attempted to create a new water source on your land. When you decide that you want to drill for water you need to obtain a permit to install a water bore. Once you have the permit you can approach a company that is licensed to drill in that area and they will create the water bore for you. The pump you choose must be chosen to match the bore that has been created.

If you pick a submersible bore pump that is wrong for the water bore depth then you will have problems making the system work. Talking to your pump supplier at an early stage in the process is the best way to ensure that you choose a pump that is suited to your bore hole, and which, when fitted, will be pumping your water for many years.

Your pump supplier may be able to arrange to create your bore hole, or suggest a suitable company to do the work, and they will be able to provide the perfect bore pump for your situation. Discuss your requirements with them and get it right the first time.