Turnkey Project Management: 4 Issues You Can Avoid Dealing With

People who are planning to construct large industrial complexes would be well advised to opt for a turnkey contract in which they simply wait to receive facilities that are ready for business. This article discusses some of the major issues that you can avoid having to deal with if you opt to award a turnkey contract to the selected construction firm.

Labour Productivity

The successful completion of the construction project can be jeopardised if the labour isn't as productive as was anticipated. Labour productivity can be affected by several factors, such as union issues, adverse weather and low morale. Leaving the entire project to a turnkey manager frees you from having to troubleshoot and mitigate any issue that can hamper the productivity of the people at the site. For example, you will not have to be involved in drawn-out negotiations with unions over overtime pay.


Theft can reach alarming proportions if robust measures aren't instituted to reduce it. Theft can be initiated by the workers at the site or from external sources. The turnkey project manager takes on the role of working with the law enforcement agencies in the area to make sure that sufficient safeguards are in place to deter or deal with theft.

Regulatory Compliance

Large construction projects usually attract a lot of attention from the authorities. For example, agents from the Environmental Protection Agency may keep making impromptu visits in order to ascertain that the project is being executed in accordance with the permits that were obtained. The fire department, health and safety officials and building code inspectors will visit the site at one time or another. The turnkey manager saves you from having to juggle project supervision and attending to the concerns of those regulators.

The Finishing Touches

The finishing touches of a large construction project are sometimes called "the last one percent". The project manager must go over all project documents and specifications to confirm that everything is the way it should be before contractors and sub-contractors are released from their duties at the site. Any lingering tasks should be brought to the attention of the concerned tradesmen in a way that doesn't jeopardise the timelines and cost of the project. You are spared all this last-minute poring over each inch of the site in order to identify defects or omissions. 

As you can see, turnkey project management comes with a lot of benefits for you as the project owner. Do your due diligence and hire an entity which has the necessary experience to handle your project without creating any room for delays or substandard performance.