3 Benefits of Plastic Mailing Tubes Over Cardboard Tubes

Mailing tubes provide a convenient way of sending items that cannot fit into an envelope using the postal service. Some of the things that you can easily send using mailing tubes include pieces of clothes or gifts such as teddy bears. Just find ways of fitting the items into the tube and make sure what you are sending is not illegal. The available options that you can use include mailing tubes made of plastic or cardboard. Below are reasons why you should use plastic mailing tubes over cardboard ones.

Can be used severally

When sending items using mailing tubes, you want to be sure that they will remain safe and secure until they get to the intended recipients. Once you have used cardboard mailing tubes over a long distance, they might start showing signs of wear and tear. Once you start noticing these signs, you should avoid using the mailing tube again. When using plastic, the tubes are strong and can be used severally without any problem. This also saves you the expense of having to replace the mailing tubes after every long distance shipment.

Hardly affected by the weather

Unexpected circumstances usually arise in the course of daily operations. One such situation is when the mailing tubes are delivered to your door, and since you are not home, they are left at your doorstep. If it starts raining, the material used to make the mailing tube will determine whether or not you will get the items sent to you in excellent condition. The cardboard mailing tubes can protect the sent items from small showers, but as the rain intensifies, the cardboard starts getting soggy and eventually lets in water. The plastic mailing tubes can remain in the rain even for several days and water will not get into them.

Possibility of any damage to your items is low

Mailing tubes are often transported using cargo planes over long distances. During transportation, the tubes are usually put together with other cargo, each containing different items. An example is when cardboard boxes containing car spare parts fall on top of mailing tubes that have souvenirs in them. If the mailing tube is made of cardboard, the weight can be too much and this can cause dents on the surface of the tube. As such, there are high chances that the souvenirs in the mailing tubes will be damaged. On the other hand, if you are using plastic mailing tubes, the souvenirs will not be damaged since plastic is strong and can withstand a considerable amount of force on its surface.