Essential Things to Look for When Selecting a Dumbwaiter for a Manufacturing Company

Are you looking at a way of easily moving materials within your manufacturing premises? Here are some of the significant factors to consider when selecting a dumbwaiter for your facility.

The Weight of Materials

The weight of materials within the manufacturing industry is a key factor in the selection of the appropriate dumbwaiter. The dumbwaiters are manufactured to carry a given maximum weight safely. When selecting the dumbwaiter, it is important to consider one that has a higher weight capacity than the loads that are carried within the manufacturing premises.

Having the excess capacity in the dumbwaiter ensures that any extra load than normal that may be carried can easily be taken care of. Having a larger capacity also ensures the durability of the dumbwaiter as it will not handle its specific load all the times. The wear and tear of the machine are reduced.

The Frequency of Stoppages

Dumbwaiters vary according to the number of times they are meant or programmed to stop. Therefore, before choosing a given model of dumbwaiter, there is need to give a thought on the number of stops that will be required in the manufacturing facility. Considering this factor helps in ensuring that only the suitable models are listed.

The Distance to Be Covered

There are a variety of dumbwaiters depending on the distances that they can cover. Before making a choice on the dumbwaiter that will suit your manufacturing needs, it is imperative to measure the height or distance of travel. A dumbwaiter that is meant to cover a distance of 60 feet may not be the best for a 20 foot distance.

The Finishing Material

For most of the dumbwaiters, the common finishes include stainless steel and powder-coated steel. The finishing material used in making the dumbwaiter is important given the diversity of the materials that are carried within the manufacturing industry. For instance, when the manufacturing industry is exposed to saltwater, stainless steel would be the ideal finish. In instances where there is less corrosion expected in the manufacturing facility, the powder-coated option would be the ideal material.

The Design of the Doors

The design of the doors of dumbwaiters is significant as different manufacturing facilities carry different materials. In instances where the manufacturing facility has a lot of materials that are carried, they can consider collapsible doors. Some will go for roll-up doors as dictated by the level of efficacy desired and the types of materials they carry.