Categories of Powder Coating

Have you ever looked at items such as the rims of a car and wondered how the finishing paint job perfected. Well, you might think the colouring on the rims is a product of spray painting but instead, it might be a product of yet another innovative way to add colour to metal products. This other method is known as powder coating which is a dry finishing process in the industrial field that is known to add a unique layer of coating to the product. Powder coating is presently being used in a wide array of products as it offers durable and high-quality finishes. The powder coating process is also efficient and maximises on production. Also, it is compliant with the environment making it one of the most widely used methods today. The primary function of powder coating is to offer protection for the products. However, it is used for decorative finishes. This is because of its availability of various textures and colours. The two main categories of powder coating include thermoplastics as well as thermosets.

  1. Thermoplastics – The thermoplastic type of powder coating is not subjected to any actions while baking. This is because it flows to bring about the final intended coating. One of the most advantageous properties of the thermoplastics is that they offer exceptional performance features. The features include their adhesion to metal surfaces, the flexibility and the elongation of the coating film as well as coatings lubricity. Each of these properties can be well optimised depending on whatsoever applications the powder coat is to be used. Such features also take away the need for either crosslinking or curing the powder coating for application purposes. Thermoplastic powder coatings can be applied through a conventional electrostatic powder coating equipment. However, it can also be applied through the use of mini coaters as well as a fluidised bed coating. 
  2. Thermosets – Thermosets represent the most commonly used materials in powder coating due to their decorative and durable surface layer. When the thermosets are heated, they possess the ability to melt and flow. However, once cured, the thermoset powder coating remains thermally stable. This means that they cannot be heated further back to their melting point. With the use of a powder coating system, the brittle thermosets can be modified into a fine powder which can afterwards be fabricated into a thin paint-like film. This here represents what will be used for the coating of metals to get that excellent colour and texture.