Factors to Consider Before Buying PVC Curtains for Warehouse Doorways

PVC strip curtains are a great addition to your warehouse. First, they are an affordable way to keep different environments within the warehouse separate. Secondly, strip doors help reduce energy costs by adequately maintaining temperatures within their required levels in your commercial space. PVC curtains play an important role in streamlining operations since staff can move in and out of rooms freely and fast, thereby improving productivity. Despite these benefits, you need to be careful when buying strip curtains for your warehouse because an error can be costly in the end. This article looks at various factors that you need to consider before buying PVC doors.

Material -- PVC curtains are made from different materials for different uses; therefore, it is critical to keep in mind the reason for purchasing them. For instance, if you want to use PVC curtains at the entrance of the cold room section of your warehouse, then typical PVC strips will not do the job. The low temperatures will freeze up ordinary PVC strip materials, making them less flexible and more susceptible to cracking. In such a case, go for polar grade PVC curtains, which are designed to withstand low temperatures and remain flexible. If there is high traffic of people going through the doorway, then get strip curtains made from the anti-static material to prevent accidental fires because of friction with clothes.

Size -- Size matters a great deal when buying strip curtains because failure to consider the size of the entrance will make the curtains ineffective. For example, if you purchase small PVC curtains for the loading dock, the chances are that high winds will find its way into the warehouse, thereby disrupting operations. On the other hand, if you buy a size too big, then people will have difficulties going through the strips, thereby defeating the purpose of the strips. For the sake of effectiveness, therefore, make sure to buy the right size of PVC curtains that will fit on the different doorways of your warehouse.

Privacy -- If there is some level of privacy needed in certain sections of the warehouse, then your choice of PVC curtains needs to cater for that. Strips that come in black, smoke, or white hues are often preferred to other colours for private areas such as warehouse offices. On the other hand, transparent strips are usually preferred for high traffic areas for visibility. Therefore, before deciding on the colour of PVC curtain you want, always consider the privacy level of the section you want it installed.